4 Fun Facts About Wooden Pallets

November 29, 2016 0 Comments

Did you know that wooden pallets helped shape the history of supply chains, remain the preferred choice of manufactures, warehouses, and consumers around the world? Here are four more surprising facts about wooden pallets:

1. Pallets are the key logistical tool of the 20th century

Pallets are one of the key logistical tools to emerge during the 20th Century, helping to enable the development of modern logistics. Their importance to supply chain applications has been crucial to improving the efficiency that items and loads can be moved and transported. A great step forward when compared to the previous practice of loosely stacking goods. There are many types of pallets of different sizes, styles, and materials, but the wooden pallet remains the industry favourite and by far the most common form of pallet in circulation.

Clearly pallets are an important part of the modern world, but there are many different types and materials available. Which is the most popular type?

2. Wooden pallets are being used in home décor

Wood is a versatile material. It’s durable and lasts longer than some of the other pallets on the market, and can be reused over and over again before being replaced. Wood pallets are rigid, offering a great deal of support to the loads they have been selected to bear. While also offering some slight give and friction, meaning that goods stored on a wooden pallet are less likely to slide than they would on a metal or plastic pallet.

The weight of a wooden pallet is a good middle ground between lightweight paper, cardboard or plastic pallets and heavier metal pallets. With a shift in design of home and interior decor in recent years, the use of wooden pallets is no longer exclusive to the warehouse or transportation sphere. Wood pallets now also make a handsome and rugged options for furniture and decorations. These pallets, which were once designed for industry are now more versatile than ever.

3. Wooden pallets help businesses decrease costs

Wood, alongside its versatility, is also a very affordable material. This fact alone makes wooden pallets an ideal choice for businesses looking to keep costs low, while still getting a high quality product. The fact that wooden pallets can be reused or sold for home décor purposes serves to only decrease their initial cost further over the long term.

4. Wooden pallets are a green choice

Wood, unlike plastic, is biodegradable. Environmental concerns are increasingly important to businesses, consumers and regulators. Wood, with its advantages in cost and versatility, also stands out as one of the greenest choices you can make when selecting a pallet. It’s potential for reuse, recyclability and biodegradability should make wood a no-brainer when choosing a pallet.

Wooden pallets stand out as among the most versatile, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly of all the pallet options available. It is no wonder that wood remains the industry favourite and the most widely circulated form of pallet on the market.

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